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Online Payments through DOXO


We were notified by a resident that her online payment showed a posting date almost two weeks after the payment was made. We started investigating the situation and called our credit card processing company, EZNet Pay through Hammer Enterprises. They informed us that if the customer Googles city of clarendon utility payments, a company named DOXO comes up. This is a third-party payment processor and when you pay through them, they cut a check and mail it to us, we are not affiliated with this company. Unfortunately, the customer will still be charged a late fee if it is not received by the 16th and could get disconnected. Please make your payments on this website so that it is posted immediately.  You can always call City Hall at 806-874-3438, will  be happy to process your payment over the phone. Please let us know if you are having any problems, we are here to serve you!